Sort a Circular Linked List

It’s just a 7-minute.

Today we will be discussing how to Sort a Circular Linked List. But if you are unfamiliar with the concepts of the circular linked list then please refer to this link. Suppose we have a circular linked list like 4->3->2->1 and 1 is pointing again to 4 then the sorted list should be 1->2->3->4 . (data structures types)

Now let’s discuss the procedure for sorting.


1. First we will make a circular linked list.

2. Now we will be using bubble sort to sort the list.

3. We will be iterating from the first node till the second last node. Then we making another iteration inside the first iteration itself which will traverse from the next node of the node at which the first iteration will be currently executing till the last node. ……………….

Hey hey please don’t leave so early.

If you want to read full article with code then click the link below( it’s free):



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