Top Android + IOS apps for Programmers

Apps for Programmers

In Today’s world, we spend most of our time on smartphones, tablets and waste our time on Insta, FB, Snapchat but what if we devote some time to programming through our smartphones or tablets. Yes, we can learn programming through these gadgets too. There are tons of applications on Playstore and Istore where you can learn programming.
I have selected the top 5 applications for you so that you can be productive while you are using smartphones and polish your programming skills. These applications are available on both platforms — Android and IOS…….

1. Sololearn

Sololearn is one of the best applications out there where you can learn C, C++, Java, Python, and many more languages for free(Top Android + IOS apps for Programmers). After completing a language, you get a certificate from solo learn. You can also contribute to code to solo learn society and ask your doubts. You can also compete with other solo learn users in any language. If you win your level increases starting from bronze to silver, gold, platinum.
You can follow me on solo learn here’s the link:

2.Programming Hub

Another best application for programmers is Programming Hub. In this, you can learn up to 18 languages and other tools of computer science. Unlike solo learn, the Programming hub does not ask users to log in. It has a nice user interface and you can enjoy it while learning. You can also access courses in offline mode.


Geeks for Geeks is my personal favorite where you can learn coding concepts very easily(Top Android + IOS apps for Programmers). You can learn Data Structures, Algorithms, Practice competitive programming questions, interview questions, answer questions, put your questions, prepare for the GATE examination and many more.
One of the best feature of this app is that it gives you the question asked by different companies with solutions.

4.Stack Exchange

This app gives you access to more than 10 million programming questions with answers. You have to log in in order to post your questions for free through FB, Google, etc. Stack Exchange has a vast society so you can expect that your question will be answered within an hour. Best app for asking questions or answering someone’s doubts.

5.Project Euler

In this app, you find a series of mathematical/computational questions marked with levels (1–25, 25–50 ….). You are required to solve this problem by writing a program by using the concepts of mathematics(Top Android + IOS apps for Programmers) . Best app for preparing for competitive programming.

* all these apps are available on play store and Istore for free.

With these apps, you can gain a lot of knowledge and can sharpen your skills because these skills will help you get a job in a reputed IT firm. So, try spending some time with these applications and let me know your review about these apps in the comment section below.

If you are a techie or a programmer then please have a look at my blog where I post awesome content related to Technology and Programming. Here’s the link:




Hi, I am Mayank Mewar and I am a SME at Chegg Inc. I am also a blogger.

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Mayank Mewar

Mayank Mewar

Hi, I am Mayank Mewar and I am a SME at Chegg Inc. I am also a blogger.

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