What is Docker ? Explained in an Easy, Quick and Simple Way

It’s just a 5-minute read.

Have you heard of Docker? Do you know what it is or why it is used? Don’t worry, Today you’ll learn about What is Docker? Explained in an Easy, Quick, and Simple Way. So let’s start:

What is the problem that Docker resolves?

There is a major problem that almost all developers face which is that whenever you build a project ( here we are talking about large-scale projects) it works absolutely fine on your machine but as soon as you move that project into your friend’s computer or onto the server then the working or performance or optimization of your project decreases. Some uncertainties are like maybe your images are not loading correctly or there are glitches in the workflow of the project. So, in layman terms “the code works on my machine”. So Docker was made to resolve this problem of “the code works on my machine”.


Docker allows you to wrap up your code in…………………….

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